Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary - Bequia


Bequia is yet unspoiled and once you visit you will always want to return. It is less than nine square miles with a population of just over five thousand. We depend solely on the ocean for our livelihood (fishing and sailing) and for this reason we should care for it and treat its web of life with respect.

At present I have 250 different sizes of hawksbill turtles ranging from three inches to 14 inches long, and I expect to get more hatchlings before the end of the year. I am getting the youth of our country involved by inviting our schools to visit so I can teach them the values of a healthy environment, which will be to their benefit in the future.

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    baby Hawksbills

    This project is not only to help our country (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) but the Caribbean on the whole, as sea turtles are migratory. The Caribbean is relying more and more on tourism, with an emphasis on ecotourism, which makes this project very timely.



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